Indian research of plan and submarine before 4000 years ago -shivkur Balaji Talpade part-2

The Maharaja of Baroda was summoned by East India Company bosses and warned not to finance any such projects, failing which they would take away his Kingdom.


Pretty soon Talpade’s partner and wife went died mysteriously and Talpade , without his wife and finances , went into deep depression and died in 116..
Meanwhile the owners Rothschild German Jews , of British East India company , who ruled India , did frantic search all over India for Sanskrit texts and took it away to Germany.

imagesCAL426M2Till then they never realized the worth of Vedic texts – as all thought it was bullshit shepherd’s verses of dreamers . This incident literally sent shick waves.

All these texts are still missing.
Hitler had these translated texts with him. This is how he made SWASTIKA his symbol, as it was the symbol of the Saraswati civilization which existed from 9500 BC to 4000 BC , till Saraswati river dried up.

Imphotep was a Vedic Maharishi who built the Shpinx and gave the blue print for the Pyramids based on the Sri Yantra and the Golden ratio. Here are some pictures.

Below Vaishnavite Maharishi with U mark — IMHOTEP.


Below , check out the key ( Ankh ) of Imhotep under the beam, left hand side. ( someone has deliberately vandalised the beam ) . The King’s chamber of the pyramids is build like Meru. The Roslyn chapel of Scotland has the picture of Meru and also the stone carving of Narasimhan..


Below here is a portion of the beam enlarged.hieroplanes

heirohelicopter   Helicopter


After Talpade died Rothschild employees came to Vijay Wadi made an offer his relatives could NOT refuse , and took away the MARUTSHAKTI . Later Rally brothers took away his manuscripts and texts. Many Sanskrit scholars ( Kashmiri Pandits ) were kidnapped and they were never heard of.


It is no wonder that Hitler had a head start with missiles .Talpade studied and consulted a number of Vedic treatises like Brihad Vaimanika Shastra of Maharishi Bharadwaja Vimanachandrika of Acharya Narayan Muni Viman yantra of Maharish Shownik Yantra Kalp by Maharishi Garg Muni Viman Bindu of Acharya Vachaspati and Vimana Gyanarka Prakashika of Maharishi Dhundiraj’

In Vimana Yantra Sarvaswa , with eight chapters of diagrams . It is mentioned in great detail how to make a plane motionless, how to make it invisible, how to change over to aether ( akasha ZPF ) power from solar power in inter planetary travels, distant radar monitoring of other aircraft, how to listen to sounds inside other planes and underwater craft ( as Vimanas go under water too ), faster than light communications — secrets of constructing planes which cannot be monitored or destroyed, with planetary gearing silent systems.

Vaimaanika Shastra explains in detail , the metals and alloys and other required material, which can be make an aircraft imperishable in any condition. Planes which will not break (abhedya), or catch fire (adaahya) and which cannot be cut (achchedya) have been described. Along with the treatise there are diagrams of three types of aeroplanes – “Sundara”, “Shukana” and “Rukma”.


Mercury was known to Indian 11000 years ago as Bharatvarsha extended from Jerusalem to Urals to Cambodia. Lot of Mercury was available in India and also at Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan. Dharnidhar Samhita gives the 16 steps to purify Mercury and make a SOLID Shiva Lingam out of it. Arthashastra of 400 BC mentions mercury, in the military strategy section .


One of my Russian Chief Engineers who sailed with me was in Afghanistan , as he was a soldier . One of his comrades had handled some spent radioactive Mercury and the next day he was sent back to Russia , as his hair fell off.
So here is my advise to US soldiers—if you see Mercury in Afghan caves, keep away from it. Mercury when heated emits immense radiation. Russians found complex ion engine Vimana parts in proper Vimana hangars of the caves of Afghanistan, and they took it away to Moscow .


In the Sanskrit Samarangana Sutradhara, which means “controller of the battlefield ”, it is written: “Strong and durable must the body of the Vimana be made, like a great flying bird of light material. Inside one must put the mercury engine with its iron heating apparatus underneath. By means of the power latent in the mercury which sets the driving whirlwind in motion, a man sitting inside may travel a great distance in the sky.

The movements of the Vimana are such that it can vertically ascend, vertically descend, move slanting forwards and backwards. With the help of the machines human beings can fly in the air and heavenly beings can come down to earth.” “Antima” was “the cloak of invisibility” and “Garima” was how to “how to become as heavy and unmovable” 232 stanzas deal only with construction, and take off.


The mercury propellant is first vapourised fed into the thruster discharge chamber ionised converted into plasma by a combination with electrons broke down electrically and then gyro armature accelerated through small openings in a screen to pass out of the engine at velocities between extremely great speeds. Ionization of air shifts every colour of the spectrum and invisibilty can be achieved.

The mercury was held in 8 temperature and pressure resistant SODA LIME GLASS containers, as per Vimanaka Shastra . Yet it is someone else who invented glass as per the white man. Taxila University of 3000 BC, had 10500 seats for world students from Mesopotamia, Greece , Syria, China , Thailand, Russia , Arabia etc, and the Shatapata Brahmana text in Sanskrit tell how to make glass. The vimanas has transparent glass portholes.

According to the Dronaparva, part of the 6000 year old Mahabarata, and the Ramayana, one Vimana described was shaped like a sphere and born along at great speed on a mighty wind generated by mercury. It moved like a UFO, going up, down, backwards and forewards as the pilot desired. In another Vedic text, the Samar, Vimanas were “iron machines, well-knit and smooth, with a charge of mercury vortex that shot out of the back in the form of a buzzing flame.”  Some of these Vimanas could go underwater too.


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