Indian Mathematician & Astronomer Bhaskara II

Bhaskaracharya Karmaveera

Bhaskara gives his date of birth, and date of composition of his major work, in a verse in the Arya Meter.


Saka-nrpa-samaye bhavat mamotpattih/

Rasa-guna-varsena maya

Siddhanta-siromani racitah//

This reveals that he was born in 1036 of the saka era (1114 CE), and that he composed the Siddhanta Siromani when he was 36 years old.He also wrote another work called the karana-kutuhala when he was 69 (in 1183). His works show the influence of  Brahmagupta sridhara mahavira Pandmanabha and other predecessors.

He was born near Vijjadavida (believed to be Bijapur in modern Karnataka). Bhaskara is said to have been the head of an astronomical observatory at ujjain, the leading mathematical center of medieval India. He lived in the sahyadri region (Patnadevi, in Jalgaon district, Maharashtra).

History records his great-great-great-grandfather holding a hereditary post as a court scholar, as did his son and other descendants. His father Mahesvara (Mahesvaropadhyaya ) was a mathematician, astronomer and astrologer, who taught him mathematics, which he later passed on to his son Loksamudra. Loksamudra’s son helped to set up a school in 1207 for the study of Bhaskara’s writings.


to be continues ………………….

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