Varahamihira’s mathematical work included the discovery of the trigonometric formulas


Varahamihira’s Contributions of Trigonometry

Varahamihira’s mathematical work included the discovery of the trigonometric formulas

Varahamihira improved the accuracy of the sine tables of Aryabhata I.


He defined the algebraic properties of zero as well as of negative numbers.


He was among the first mathematicians to discover a version of what is now known as the Pascal’s triangle. He used it to calculate the binomial coefficients.


Among Varahamihira’s contribution to physics is his statement that reflection is caused by the back-scattering of particles and refraction (the change of direction of a light ray as it moves from one medium into another) by the ability of the particles to penetrate inner spaces of the material, much like fluids that move through porous objects.

^ “the Panca-siddhantika (“Five Treatises”), a compendium of Greek, Egyptian, Roman and Indian astronomy. Varahamihira’s knowledge of Western astronomy was thorough. In 5 sections, his monumental work progresses through native Indian astronomy and culminates in 2 treatises on Western astronomy, showing calculations based on Greek and Alexandrian reckoning and even giving complete Ptolemaic mathematical charts and tables.

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