North Korea Nuclear Test 5th will soon?

North Korea and the nuclear test in the next few days could. South Korean government sources, the North Korean test sites around the warning is issued, given the growing activities. Being told that the 5th Test of North Korea. In the first week of May, the ruling Workers’ Party Congress session is about to start and will be before the test. Fun, so can … Nuclear Test
– South Korea’s defense minister said the North Korean nuclear test could make any time.
– “The Army is just waiting for the order of the leader.”
– “Kim Jong-un, the ruling Workers’ Party congress Weapons Program in the May session of the achievements can compliment.”
– Please tell the Friday after the North Korean ballistic missile test failure was in fun.
– Kim is believed that only then decided to have another nuclear test.
– Yonhp News Agency said, “Compared to last month, the Nuclear Test Site on the movement of trucks carrying military vehicles and Ikvipments has increased significantly.”

North Korea conducted a nuclear test how often?

– North Korea in 2006, 2009, 2013, and in 2016 has tested a nuclear bomb.
– October 9, 2006 the first underground nuclear test. Told the US threat of nuclear war.
– 25th May 2009 the second nuclear test.
– 13 June 2009 North Korea said it would uranium enrichment. The nuclear weapons and plutonium-based reactors were believed likely.
– May 11, 2010 claims to have nuclear fusion reactor. North Korea will create more powerful bombs that were feared.
– February 13, 2013- third nuclear test.
– On December 10, 2015- achieved dictator who boasts of capability of the hydrogen bomb test.
– January 6, 2016- hydrogen bomb test.
The missiles were test
– February, 2016- long-range missile test.
– March 2, 2016 – laser-guided anti-tank missile.
– March 4, 2016 – Multiple Launch Rocket System.
– North Korea except for small rocket engine test has missiles.


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