100 crore will come if the wrong map of India fined legislation will impact these

imagesbharatmataNow if you will show incorrect map of India, you can have up to seven years in prison. Moreover, it can take a fine of Rs 100 crore. The government is preparing a bill which, if you find an Haekr pass legislation without so many companies and government agencies to Laienss will show a map online. What it calls the draft bill …
Why needed?

– Recent Twitter geographical  location of Kashmir and Jammu in Pakistan showed China. It was fiercely opposed.
– Similarly, there have been some cases in which the search engines or social networking sites, Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan and part of China is shown.
– Services like Google Maps Crowd Sourced dug through satellites and gather information. Soon they may be declared illegal.
– The Geospatial Information Regulation 2016 draft bill says, ” No one satellite, aircraft, Ayrships, balloon, aerial drones or through any such vehicle or any part of India with the view of space not achieve Geospatial Image said. Maps for securing such information and sites or apps will require a license from the Authority to show through. ”


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