16 year old scientific inventions so surprised by the Younger Boy!


(India) … son of Gorakhpur appear as shadows fall in adhering to the maxim of their talent development called Iron convince the sixteen-year-old living in Sant Kabir Nagar district to invent a machine to conquer earthquake indicator is highlighted including the three States that allows the earthquake in neighboring Nepal reported just half an hour ago, said.

Gorakhpur district, 16-year-old resident of the village Tilura Shaznwan area when he lived in the village attempted to realize his invention so derided logo but tune his invention to complete the development of the firm Sant Kabir Nagar district determined Brgo village where a year ago he moved to his mother’s to build a successful instrument with the support of just half an hour’s notice to get used to the sound of the earthquake is. The successful development of the machine claims to be 24 and 25 April in the year 2015 also highlights successful testing.

the pieces, which before the earthquake shattered glass and drops the needle go in that direction is the direction in which the earthquake to come.


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