Vijender’s WBO title bout postponed but no break for the star


Indian boxing star Vijender Singh’s maiden title bout, scheduled to be held here, has been postponed by a month to July but the trailblazing pugilist on Saturday said he will not take any break from training as it would upset his rhythm.

Vijender, who beat Poland’s Andrzej Soldra via Technical Knockout in Bolton on Friday night to register his sixth successive win, was originally scheduled to fight for the WBO Asia title on June 11 here.

However, the big event has been pushed back by a month due to logistical reasons.

“I am really looking forward to the India bout, it is going to be a huge moment for me to step inside the ring in front of my home fans. And that is why I am not going to take any break from training because I want to be at my best. It is technically not good either to take a break as the body has to remain in rhythm,

The opponent for that much-anticipated contest is yet to be finalist. Vijender said after spending a week in India, he would head back to Manchester.

“Even while I am in India, there won’t be a proper break, I would be training daily because I cannot be completely away from training. I would be celebrating my wedding anniversary on May 17 there before I come back to Manchester to continue my preparation for the India bout,” Vijender said.


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