ISRO will create a history, tomorrow’s space in his 100th Satellite


In the new year, India is going to write another chapter in space. Saturn and 30 other satellites of the 100th Satellite Cartosat-2 series of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch from Satish Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota at 9.28 am on Friday morning. Its 28-hour countdown started on Thursday morning at 5.00 pm.

ISRO said that these satellites launched from the 44.4 meter long rocket PSSV-40 include Cartosat-2, a nano satellite of India, a micro satellite and 28 foreign satellites. External satellites include Canada, Finland, Korea, France, UK and US 25 Nano and three micro satellites. All these 31 satellites weigh 1323 kg. ISRO and its business arm, Space Corporation Limited, have been arranged to launch all the satellites.

According to ISRO officials, 30 satellites will be launched in 505 kilometers of the Sun’s Contemporary Cell (SSO). A micro satellite will be set up in 359 km SSO. This whole launch will take two hours and 21 seconds.

Special things
-ChotosAT-2 will send high-quality photos
-Cartosat’s main purpose is to send high quality photos.
It will be used to make maps.
– There are multi spectral cameras in it.
-This will monitor coastal areas, urban-rural areas, roads and water distribution etc.

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