These two cities of the country joined the world’s third busiest air routes

Do you know which cities in most cities do air travel? You will say that a city where there is a hill station or a city where the ocean enhances its beauty with its waves. But you would be surprised to know that the Indians have not made the holiday destination, but the roads of Delhi and Mumbai have made the busiest busiest. In the recent report of the OAG Aviation Worldwide in the United Kingdom, it has been revealed that Delhi-Mumbai Route has become the third largest in the country and the third busiest in the world.

According to the data, 47,462 flights were filled between Delhi and Mumbai in 2017. It was estimated that approximately 130 flights were filled daily between these two cities. If talk of the busiest air route in 2017, then South Korea’s Seoul Gimpo-Jeju route was the busiest with 64,991 flights, and Australia’s Melbourne-Sydney Air Route was second with 54,519 flights.

This ranking is based on the number of total flights operated between two domestic airports and two cities. Engagement in the routes of these cities is also possible because it is the only airport in Delhi and Mumbai compared to other major big cities. Due to which all flights from Delhi to Mumbai come to the same airport. Bengaluru-Delhi was the 11th busiest route in the world after the busiest route of Delhi-Mumbai; 29,427 flights were filled between these airports and Bengaluru-Mumbai was at 16th position, which had 23,857 flights.
Four of the world’s busiest airways are from the province of Asia. While not coming into an Asia province, it is the root of Brazilian Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo. This air route is at fifth place in the world’s busiest airways.

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