India gave a big message to the world given by Davos, special talk of PM Modi’s speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the inaugural session of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is the first time when 21 years later, a PM of India represented India in the World Economic Forum. PM Modi put India’s side in front of the world on many global issues including the threat of economic, global terrorism, changing technology, global climate change. In his effective speech, the Prime Minister drew the attention of the world towards many issues. Presenting the special talk of PM Modi’s speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on climate change and changing times of day, said that many changes are creating such walls which are becoming a threat to the entire world in the coming time. Modi said that can erase the cracks and distances and make a golden future. Today, data is the biggest asset, the biggest opportunities are becoming the biggest source of data from the global flow of data and the biggest challenges. Cyber ​​security and nuclear technology are important to the world. He said that the data is the future of the world, the one who will control it will go ahead.

The key part of PM’s speech:-

India has always stood for world peace.

Together, make a world where there is work for reconciliation and cooperation.

India will always work for peace in the world.

If you want peace with prosperity, come to India then come to India.

-He want totality with HETH, then come to India

If you want wellness with wealth, then come to India.

-It believes in adding India but not breaking it.

-Bharat Vasudhaiva believes in the mantra of Kutumbakam.

-What are the powers that want a separation in the world of reconciliation?

-To make smart and flexible policies with changing times, challenge before globalization.

It is worrying to go to the fanaticism of the youth.

Mahatma Gandhi opposed the exploitation of natural resources.

– Human is the child of the earth, then why such behavior with the earth?

Our government has done great reform like GST, our work is appreciated all over the world.

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