27 newspapers abroad printed in 10 languages PM Modi’s article



This was the first time in the 70 year history of the Republic Day that when representatives from ten countries were made a special guest in the country. On this Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s article has been published in 10 languages ​​in 27 newspapers of all ASEAN countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the fourth world friendship as a friendship in foreign newspapers. In addition, in the article, PM Modi described the friendship between India and ASEAN countries as very special and important. Information about this has been tweeted by Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar in his official Twitter handle. He wrote in his tweets that the 69th Republic Day was a memorable opportunity.

During this time, the extraordinary form of friendship developed through the shared culture and civilizational relations of all countries has been shown. Let’s say that in his article, the PM has spoken with respect to the country’s 10 days nation’s Republic Day honors for the country.

PM Modi’s title of this article was ‘shared value, one floor’. In this, the PM wrote that the partnership with the ASEAN countries is 25 years old but relations with India’s Southeast Asia are more than two century old. This article was printed by PM Modi in newspapers like Myanmar Times, Vietnam News, Jakarta Post, Post Today, Business Times, Tamil Murasu and The Star.
It is noteworthy that on Thursday 25 January, PM Modi gave a strong message to China, with the ASEAN countries, on the South China Sea dispute, to move forward with effective coordination, together with all countries, in the sensitive sea corridor, sea safety and navigation Emphasized on the freedom of India had shown its power and its status in the world even when such a boycott of the SAARC convention going to be held in Pakistan last year that all SAARC nations boycotted it and one last time the Pakistan conference was unable to do.

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