India will be able to keep maritime security agreement with the Seychelles, China

India and Seychelles have signed a revised agreement on Saturday. Under this amended agreement, the military facilities will be developed, managed, operated and maintained on this island. This agreement was signed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense. Jayashankar and Seychelles Secretary Barry Fory signed. This agreement has been signed when China is conducting high level visits to this island. Apart from this, China has built a naval base in Digibouti.

After this agreement, India will be able to keep an eye on China through the sea route. A senior official said – the strategic importance of this agreement can not be ignored. There is a need to create a balance in the waters of the Indian Ocean. On the occasion of signing the agreement, Foreign Secretary Jayashankar reiterated the importance of maritime security. The matter was discussed in the talks between India and ASEAN countries on January 25.

The real settlement was in March 2015 between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President of the Seychelles. Under which the military infrastructure was to be built on this island. But it was facing the difficulties in the Seychelles Parliament. For this reason, in October 2017, Jayashankar went on an undeclared trip to overcome the difficulties in the agreements. In addition, the cooperation between Seychelles and China is growing rapidly.

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