India will be able to keep maritime security agreement with the Seychelles, China

India and Seychelles have signed a revised agreement on Saturday. Under this amended agreement, the military facilities will be developed, managed, operated and maintained on this island. This agreement was signed by the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense. Jayashankar and Seychelles Secretary Barry Fory signed. This agreement has been signed when China is conducting high level visits to this island. Apart from this, China has built a naval base in Digibouti.

After this agreement, India will be able to keep an eye on China through the sea route. A senior official said – the strategic importance of this agreement can not be ignored. There is a need to create a balance in the waters of the Indian Ocean. On the occasion of signing the agreement, Foreign Secretary Jayashankar reiterated the importance of maritime security. The matter was discussed in the talks between India and ASEAN countries on January 25.

The real settlement was in March 2015 between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President of the Seychelles. Under which the military infrastructure was to be built on this island. But it was facing the difficulties in the Seychelles Parliament. For this reason, in October 2017, Jayashankar went on an undeclared trip to overcome the difficulties in the agreements. In addition, the cooperation between Seychelles and China is growing rapidly.


27 newspapers abroad printed in 10 languages PM Modi’s article



This was the first time in the 70 year history of the Republic Day that when representatives from ten countries were made a special guest in the country. On this Republic Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s article has been published in 10 languages ​​in 27 newspapers of all ASEAN countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi described the fourth world friendship as a friendship in foreign newspapers. In addition, in the article, PM Modi described the friendship between India and ASEAN countries as very special and important. Information about this has been tweeted by Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar in his official Twitter handle. He wrote in his tweets that the 69th Republic Day was a memorable opportunity.

During this time, the extraordinary form of friendship developed through the shared culture and civilizational relations of all countries has been shown. Let’s say that in his article, the PM has spoken with respect to the country’s 10 days nation’s Republic Day honors for the country.

PM Modi’s title of this article was ‘shared value, one floor’. In this, the PM wrote that the partnership with the ASEAN countries is 25 years old but relations with India’s Southeast Asia are more than two century old. This article was printed by PM Modi in newspapers like Myanmar Times, Vietnam News, Jakarta Post, Post Today, Business Times, Tamil Murasu and The Star.
It is noteworthy that on Thursday 25 January, PM Modi gave a strong message to China, with the ASEAN countries, on the South China Sea dispute, to move forward with effective coordination, together with all countries, in the sensitive sea corridor, sea safety and navigation Emphasized on the freedom of India had shown its power and its status in the world even when such a boycott of the SAARC convention going to be held in Pakistan last year that all SAARC nations boycotted it and one last time the Pakistan conference was unable to do.

US drone attack on Pakistan’s terror bases, three piles including Haqqani commander



Even after American conspiracies and instructions, Pakistan is not baring the terrorists from shelter. The angry US has started bombing Pakistan’s terrorist bases. In the action taken on January 24, American bomber Drones bombed the terrorist organization Haqqani network.

According to news agency Reuters, three commanders of Haqqani network have died in this attack. America is constantly attacking terrorists in Pakistan by drone strikes. According to the reports, two missiles from the drone were fired on militant hideouts, where the commander Ahsan Akk was killed.

The latest drone strikes have occurred in Shanakili, Pakistan’s border with Pakistan and Afghanistan. An earlier person was injured in the attack. Earlier on January 17, there was air raid in Afghanistan, in which many terrorists were killed. The place that was attacked is very close to the border of Pakistan.

Significantly, the White House warned Pakistan after the recent bomb blast in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. White House spokesman Sarah Sanders told Pakistan that they would not use their land for terrorism.

India gave a big message to the world given by Davos, special talk of PM Modi’s speech


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the inaugural session of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). This is the first time when 21 years later, a PM of India represented India in the World Economic Forum. PM Modi put India’s side in front of the world on many global issues including the threat of economic, global terrorism, changing technology, global climate change. In his effective speech, the Prime Minister drew the attention of the world towards many issues. Presenting the special talk of PM Modi’s speech

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on climate change and changing times of day, said that many changes are creating such walls which are becoming a threat to the entire world in the coming time. Modi said that can erase the cracks and distances and make a golden future. Today, data is the biggest asset, the biggest opportunities are becoming the biggest source of data from the global flow of data and the biggest challenges. Cyber ​​security and nuclear technology are important to the world. He said that the data is the future of the world, the one who will control it will go ahead.

The key part of PM’s speech:-

India has always stood for world peace.

Together, make a world where there is work for reconciliation and cooperation.

India will always work for peace in the world.

If you want peace with prosperity, come to India then come to India.

-He want totality with HETH, then come to India

If you want wellness with wealth, then come to India.

-It believes in adding India but not breaking it.

-Bharat Vasudhaiva believes in the mantra of Kutumbakam.

-What are the powers that want a separation in the world of reconciliation?

-To make smart and flexible policies with changing times, challenge before globalization.

It is worrying to go to the fanaticism of the youth.

Mahatma Gandhi opposed the exploitation of natural resources.

– Human is the child of the earth, then why such behavior with the earth?

Our government has done great reform like GST, our work is appreciated all over the world.

Opposition to the national language MPs in Hindi and Bhojpuri sworn oath: Nepal



Selected members of the seven Assembly constituencies of Nepal took oath on Sunday and took oath of secrecy. Two numbers of eight districts on the border between Madhesi and many  MPs took oath in Hindi, Maithili and Bhojpuri. Nepal MPs were sworn in two languages, MPs were sworn in in their mother tongue, while opting for Nepal to take oath in Nepali. Swearing has been taken in the temporary capital of each state.

Under the constitution and state assembly election law, a senior member elected to the state assembly is sworn in by the state chief and other MPs are sworn in to the other MPs. In addition to appointing state chief by the government one-and-a-half months after the end of the election, the Election Commission made the final result of the state assembly public.

PM Modi arrives at Davos, will address the global business community tomorrow


Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Davos on Monday to participate in the economic forum meeting. He arrived here late in the evening while going to Zurich. Here PM will keep his vision in front of the world with the international community in front of the world. He will address the inaugural session of the conference on Tuesday. PM will also meet the global business community veterans. Earlier, here on behalf of the PM, a banquet was organized for CEOs of big companies from around the world.

In a statement Sunday, the PM had said in a statement that he is awaiting a meeting with Switzerland’s President Alan Berset and Sweden’s Prime Minister Stephen Loafven other than the Davos Conference. In his statement before leaving for Davos, PM said, in recent years, relations with India’s countries of the world are really influential and multi-dimensional. These include political, economic, people’s contact with people, security and many other areas.

112 women including Aishwarya, Sania and Sindhu have been honored by the President

President of india honor 112 woman

President Ramnath Kovind honored 112 women who made their identities in different areas under the initiative called First Ladies on Saturday. Among them Kiran Majumdar Shaw, Aishwarya Rai, PT Usha, PV Sindhu Sania Mirza are also included. In the program organized at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President advised the respected women to work for the empowerment of rural women.

Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi said that women can do anything and they can bring positive change in the society. Since the beginning of the Beti Bachao-Beti Practice campaign, there has been an unprecedented change in sex ratio in the country.

Women and Child Development Ministry has given this title to women who have done outstanding work in defense, forces, science, sports, industry, entertainment and hospitality sectors. These include the names of those women who broke their old stereotypes and made their own identity in society.

Among them, Manju, who works as a porter, coming from abroad and becoming Sarpanch in the village, Rajavat, first woman firefighter Harshini Kanhekar, Asia’s first professional female coffee tester, Sonalini Menon, the country’s first woman bar tender Shatthi Basu, Kabaddi’s first woman coach Padmashri The name of Sunil Dabas is also included.