ISRO will create a history, tomorrow’s space in his 100th Satellite

In the new year, India is going to write another chapter in space. Saturn and 30 other satellites of the 100th Satellite Cartosat-2 series of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will launch from Satish Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota at 9.28 am on Friday morning. Its 28-hour countdown started on Thursday morning at 5.00 pm.पढ़ना जारी रखें “ISRO will create a history, tomorrow’s space in his 100th Satellite”

Varahamihira is the Brihat-Samhita

Brihat – Samhita Another important contribution of Varahamihira is the Brihat-Samhita. It covers wide ranging subjects of human interest, including astrology, planetary movements, eclipses, rainfall, clouds, architecture, growth of crops, manufacture of perfume, matrimony, domestic relations, gems, pearls, and rituals. The volume expounds on gemstone evaluation criterion found in the Garuda Purana, and elaborates onपढ़ना जारी रखें “Varahamihira is the Brihat-Samhita”

Research of Cell Radiation Dr.Devra Davis

if anyone would be receptive to the idea that cell phone radiation might play a role in cancer, it would be Dr. Devra Davis. The epidemiologist and toxicologist is an expert in environmental health,  and she’s made a career out of the idea that cancer often has more to do with what’s happening to usपढ़ना जारी रखें “Research of Cell Radiation Dr.Devra Davis”

India launches first indigenous space shuttle, RLV-TD from Sriharikota

India launched its maiden indigenous winged Reusable Launch Vehicle, RLV from Sriharikota spaceport in Andhra Pradesh today. The RLV Technology Demonstration (RLV-TD), that is ultimately aimed at putting satellites into orbit around earth and then re-enter atmosphere, was carried up on a solid rocket motor. The nine-metre long rocket weighs 11 tonnes. Very similar inपढ़ना जारी रखें “India launches first indigenous space shuttle, RLV-TD from Sriharikota”

दिल्ली में दौड़ी पहली ड्राइवरलेस मेट्रोः सफर में लगेगा कम वक्त, ऐसे बचेगी बिजली

मंगलवार को पहली बार ड्राइवरलेस मेट्रो ट्रेन का दिल्ली में ट्रायल रन किया गया। दिल्ली मेट्रो रेल कॉरपोरेशन (DMRC) के मुकुंदपुर डिपो से मजलिस पार्क मेट्रो स्टेशन के बीच यह ट्रायल हुआ। वेंकैया नायडू और अरविंद केजरीवाल ने हरी झंडी दिखाकर इस आधे किमी के रन की शुरुआत की। साल के अाखिरी तक ड्राइवरलेस मेट्रोपढ़ना जारी रखें “दिल्ली में दौड़ी पहली ड्राइवरलेस मेट्रोः सफर में लगेगा कम वक्त, ऐसे बचेगी बिजली”

ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle to take off next week

The first technology demonstrator (TD) launch of the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Reusable Launch Vehicle (RLV), or the spaceplane in popular parlance, will take place on May 23 at 9.30 a.m. from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), Sriharikota, according to ISRO officials. Visually, the RLV-TD is a rocket-aircraft combination measuring about 17 m, whoseपढ़ना जारी रखें “ISRO’s Reusable Launch Vehicle to take off next week”

World’s biggest plane Antonov An-225 Mriya leaves Perth

THE world’s biggest aircraft has lifted off from Perth Airport just before 6am, heading northeast over Bullsbrook before banking towards the coast. The giant cargo plane took off on a north-facing runway, heading up over Guildford and Bullsbrook, before banking north and heading towards Europe over the Indian Ocean, crossing the coast around Yanchep. Hundredsपढ़ना जारी रखें “World’s biggest plane Antonov An-225 Mriya leaves Perth”

16 वर्ष के इस लाल ने किया ऐसा अविष्कार कि वैज्ञानिक भी हैरान !

  (India) गोरखपुर…  पूत के पाँव पालने में ही दिखाई देने पड़ते है इस कहावत को चरितार्थ कर अपने प्रतिभा का लोहा मनवाने वाले विकास नाम के सोलह वर्षीय किशोर ने संत कबीर नगर जिले में रहकर एक ऐसी भूकम्प सूचक मशीन का अविष्कार कर सबको चौका डाला है जिसकी सहायता से देश के तीसपढ़ना जारी रखें “16 वर्ष के इस लाल ने किया ऐसा अविष्कार कि वैज्ञानिक भी हैरान !”

Five facts about India’s own GPS system

Here are five interesting facts about India’s own GPS system:  1. The satellite IRNSS-1G (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System-1G) is part of a constellation of seven satellites to provide accurate position information service to users across the country and the region, extending up to an area of 1,500 km. 2. Till date, India has launchedपढ़ना जारी रखें “Five facts about India’s own GPS system”