Place values system and Zero interduce to world by Aryabhata

Mathematics Place value system and zero The palce values system, first seen in the 3rd-century Bakhshali was clearly in place in his work. While he did not use a symbol for Zero, the French mathematician Georges Ifrah   argues that knowledge of zero was implicit in Aryabhata’s  Palce – Values System as a place holderपढ़ना जारी रखें “Place values system and Zero interduce to world by Aryabhata”

Ancient Mathematician & Astrologer Aryabhata

Aryabhata born December 476 CE Ashmaka is old name of Patna (Bihar) India was the first in the line of great mathematician- astrologer from the classical age of  Indian Mathematician and astronomer . His works include the Aryabhata (499 CE, when he was 23 years old) and the Arya-SidinataThe works of Aryabhata dealt with mainlyपढ़ना जारी रखें “Ancient Mathematician & Astrologer Aryabhata”