PM Modi arrives at Davos, will address the global business community tomorrow


Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Davos on Monday to participate in the economic forum meeting. He arrived here late in the evening while going to Zurich. Here PM will keep his vision in front of the world with the international community in front of the world. He will address the inaugural session of the conference on Tuesday. PM will also meet the global business community veterans. Earlier, here on behalf of the PM, a banquet was organized for CEOs of big companies from around the world.

In a statement Sunday, the PM had said in a statement that he is awaiting a meeting with Switzerland’s President Alan Berset and Sweden’s Prime Minister Stephen Loafven other than the Davos Conference. In his statement before leaving for Davos, PM said, in recent years, relations with India’s countries of the world are really influential and multi-dimensional. These include political, economic, people’s contact with people, security and many other areas.

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