All Body Part of Lord Ganesh has its own significance



  • Lord Ganesha’s LARGE EARS: Listen more   Lord Ganesh listens to everyone’s’ prayers, he doesn’t  give what his true devotees ask for, but gives them what they needed.
  • Lord Ganesha’s BIG HEAD: Think big   Symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, intelligence, clear thinking. Also indicates fidelity and discriminating power.
  • Lord Ganesha’s SMALL EYES:  Concentrate   Ganesha’s tiny eyes symbolizes the importance of concentration and attention.
  • Lord Ganesha’s SMALL MOUTH: Talk less  The key feature of  concentration is Listen more and talk less.
  • Lord Ganesha’s LARGE TRUNK: High efficiency and  adaptability  Symbolizes that there is no straight path to success, be flexible and adaptable to achieve it.
  • Lord Ganesha’s LARGE STOMACH: Peacefully digest all good  & bad in life  Ganesha’s large tummy symbolizes the ability to digest all that life has to offer – good, bad, ugly, evil, pain, suffering, happiness. Lord Ganesha’s large stomach is a treasure of Vedic knowledge.
  • Lord Ganesha’s MOUSE: Desire  Lord Ganesha’s vehicle  Ganesha’s vehicle, his mouse bowing down close to him  indicates that the little desire is good but mastery of over desires is essential. You have to ride your desires and not vice versa.  The mouse also symbolizes the darkness of night.   The mouse can see well in the dark. As Lord Ganesha’s   mouse signifies an object that leads a man from darkness to light.
  • Lord Ganesha’s MODAK IN HAND: Rewards of sadhana Symbolizes the abundant love, good will and boon that Lord Ganesh has and all the good things that he can offer to his devotees.
  • Lord Ganesha’s AXE IN HAND:   To cut all the bonds of attachments  Lord Ganesh holds the elephant goad,his fierce weapon to remove obstacles from the path of his devotees.
  • Lord Ganesha’s ROPE IN HAND: To pull u nearer to the highest  goal  The rope symbolizes his gentle restraint of the mind, so that his devotees are pulled closer to the spiritual path.
  • Lord Ganesha’s ONE TUSK:   Retain Possitive & throw away Negative The single tusk indicates Lord Ganesh’s ability to overcome all forms of dualism. With this broken tusk Lord Ganesh wrote the epic.
  • Lord Ganesha’s four arms: Four inner attributes of the subtle body   The attributes are:-  Mind (Manas), intellect (Buddhi), ego (Ahamkara), and conditioned conscience (Chitta). Lord Ganesh represents the pure consciousness which enables these four attributes to function in us.
  • Lord Ganesha‘s LEGS: One leg raised up and the other touching the ground Lord Ganesha has one leg raised up in the air and the other touching the ground.This is symbolic that we should take part in both spiritual world and material world.
  • Lord Ganesha‘s forehead: The “Trishul”  It represents the weapon of Shiva, similar to Trident.It is depicted, symbolizing time (past, present and future) and Lord Ganesha’s mastery over it.

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